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Saturday, April 16th, 2022 @7PM

Pittsburgh Composers' Project

Kelly-Strayhorn Theater - 5941 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15206

NAT 28 presents the Pittsburgh Composers Project featuring compositions by this year's winners: Nicolás Aguía, Emmanuel Berrido, and Xinyang Wang! The full program includes:

"Lumens" by Sean Shepherd

"Laykhalogía" by Nicolás Aguía

"Quartet: Towards the Beginning" by Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh

"Footwork" by Emmanuel Berrido

"Amodeo Alley" by Xinyang Wang


Vaccination status and masks required, thank you!


Daniel Curtis, conductor; Brian Gilling, piano; Nadine Sherman Glorioso, cello; Allyson Huneycutt, clarinet; Abigail Langhorst, percussion; Sandro Leal-Santiesteban, violin; Leah Stevens, flute

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Dates TBA

Summer Concert Series

NAT 28 will once again host a series of outdoor new music gatherings - stay tuned for more details!